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Wall Street???

But you are based in California?

All the newsletters you track are independent?

Of the 20 stock newsletters currently tracked by the Wall Street Consensus Monitor, only two are based in Manhattan. There is one newsletter written in Switzerland, and another in Costa Rica. At one time one of the newsletters was being updated in a Wisconsin prison, where its writer/publisher was incarcerated.

The Webster definition for the word metonymy is "a figure of speech consisting of the use of the name of one thing for that of another of which it is an attribute or with which it is associated." This makes "Wall Street" one of the best examples of a metonym, as it is a widely used term applied metonymously to mean, at some degree, the collective components of the American financial markets.

Many are shying away from the term "Wall Street" due to the negative connotation the term has gained due to financial scandal and failures. Nate Pile's investment newsletter, Nate's Note, has switched its website's domain from to

Some use the term "Wall Street" narrowly refereeing only to the largest players in the American financial markets. We prefer to use the term as broadly as possible. To us it includes everyone from the CEO of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, to an 18 year old college student in North Dakota with $100 in a DRIP.