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Newsletter: Good Fortune Fidelity Advisor
Editor: William Ragsdale
P.O. Box 1500
Woodland, CA 95776-1500
Phone: (530) 867-6241
The newsletter says its objective is to give the private investor a system to maximize investment gain without the burden of becoming a financial expert. This newsletter follows mutual funds from the Fidelity family of funds and some exchange traded funds. William Ragsdale bases his advice on his own technical analysis, especially on funds' relative strength. Ragsdale describes his process, "Each Thursday, starting at 4:00 p.m. I add the latest market data. Then my analytic computer program creates the priority list of funds from best to worse. Finally it confirms the optimum choice for growth, diversification and income."

As of February 2010, Hulbert Financial Digest cites previous 12-month returns on the newsletter for the past 1 year 13.31%, 3 years 3.12%, 5 years 5.53%, 10 years 2.89%. Hulbert Financial Digest simulates the buying and selling of everything the letter recommends.