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Newsletter: Global Investing
Editor: Vivian Lewis
35 Sutton Place
New York, NY 10022-2464
Phone: (212) 758-9480

Global Investing is edited and published by Vivian Lewis. This very personal newsletter is aimed at American investors seeking to add foreign stocks traded on U.S. exchanges to their portfolios. Before staring the newsletter in 1989, Lewis spent 18 years in Europe as a financial journalist. Many fans of Global Investing point to Vivian Lewis's connections with the worldwide investment community.

Lewis uses publicly available news and information services. Global Investing employs a team of reporters located in Latin America, Europe, Japan, India, and China. Global Investing has four portfolio models; Yield Portfolio for wealth preservation and current income; Buy and Hold Portfolio, for wealth preservation and current income; Speculative Portfolio for investors who can accept some risk in exchange for a high reward; Closed-End Fund and Exchange-Traded Funds Portfolio, for investors seeking maximum safety through diversification.

As of February 2010, Hulbert Financial Digest cites previous 12-month returns on the newsletter for the past 1 year 90.33%, 3 years 4.86%, 5 years 9.39%, 10 years 8.23. Hulbert Financial Digest simulates the buying and selling of everything the letter recommends.

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