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Newsletter: Closed-End Country Fund Report
Editor: James Libera
725 15th Street NW, Suite 501
Washington, D.C., 20005 
The model portfolio last published in the Closed-End Country Fund Report, measured from February 2009 to February 2010 saw a gain of 93 percent. The Closed-End Country Fund Report has not published an issue since October 2004. Performance is based on listings in its last published model portfolio. Despite the long indefinite hiatus the letter's editor/publisher has placed this newsletter in, its residual portfolio has strongly outperformed those published by the vast majority of newsletters over the last several years.

As of February 2010, Hulbert Financial Digest cites previous 12 months returns on the newsletter for the past 1 year 92.97%, 3 years -2.36%, 5 years 9.92% and 10 years 9.77%. Hulbert Financial Digest simulates the buying and selling of everything the letter recommends.

In his last newsletter James Libera expressed that he expected moderate global growth. He saw potential in Asia-Pacific markets. He predicted a modest slowdown, but not a hard landing in China.

The returns this newsletter' last portfolio generates without any changes in five and a half years has garnered positive and negative reactions.

Some will say that performance is a result of the quality of the picks made by James Libera. Some will see it as proof that a portfolio does not always need constant trading and adjustments to be profitable. Others will say will say that it proves that the newsletter industry is unworthy of attention.